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December 2015

What I read:

Business for punks - Break all the rules the Brewdog way

James Watt - Penguin Books

A great high-energy jolt to the business owner and leader. James retells the Brewdog story using examples to extol the virtues of being a Business Punk. 

The essence of the book is don’t start a business instead start a revolution, go on a mission. This book will challenge you to look at your business and question what your mission is.

It certainly helped Crawford Strategic, we have written that our mission is to simplify sales leadership for our clients so that they can grow profitably. Having read the book this feels weak and certainly won’t inspire a revolution!

James I don’t doubt would call this namby pamby, blah words written by a besuited muppet (he’s none to keen on industry experts and consultants!). Fresh from reading his book I am inclined to agree. What would the Business Punk version look like:

We despise seeing business stall because they can’t meet their sales quotas; we know it doesn’t have to be this way; we want business owners to get up and get mad and to help them start their own sales revolution!

I suspect this is still far too many words and perhaps even too polite for a Business Punk, so I am going to write to James and see what he thinks, i’ll let you know if I get a proper Business Punk response.

What I learned:

A somewhat irreverent fact about the Berlin Wall, it was apparently common practice in West Berlinto throw unwanted rubbish over the wall into the East.


A somewhat frustrating week, an ongoing calf issue has kept mileage to an absolute minimum, the base fitness built up in October and November feels like it is eroding quickly and as usual ‘if I am not training i’m gaining’ which means the shirt collars and suit waistbands are getting a tad tighter. 

It is roughly thirteen weeks until the season opener the Hardmoors 55, fifty five miles across the North Yorks Moors following the Cleveland Way. Plenty of time to get fit however to go under ten hours which is my goal for the race, it will be incredibly tight unless I can get back to full training in the next two weeks. I’m under the tutelage of awesome coach Kris King who will no doubt be making sure I take my time and rebuild mileage slowly; It’s rather fascinating to be the coachee and not coach; it’s providing an interesting insight ‘from the other side of the table’; admittedly I am finding it rather hard to take advice, hence the injury. 

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